Light Catching Fire – Sarah Butterfield

At the ocean

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D Contemporary is very happy to present

Sarah Butterfield

29 March – 11 April

11 – 20:00

30th March – Painting Demonstration – Colour Relationships12.30 – 1.30pm


6th April – Science and My Painting Art Talk | 1-2pm


About the Artist

The competing glow of the electric lights of the city set beneath the fireworks of the sunset above, the soft lights of dawn catching fire as the sun rises, shallow waters at the ocean’s edge where light is fractured, the lights of a cafe in city bustle, the movement of sunlight over the surface of the river, bright beach light dissolving edges of the figure – all these are captured by Sarah’s brush. Her passion for the natural world finds expression with dashing, calligraphic brushwork that seizes the essentials and allows her colouristic patchwork to play in the onlookers’ eye.