Unexpected by Sanges

2nd- 11th November

At the early age Marco started to work at his uncle’s photographic lab and became fascinated by the crafts and the process of developing and printing black and white photography. Greatly attracted to cinema and in particular the luminous Black and White films of the silent era, 

Marco strongly believes in the immortality of film, the real essence of photography. He works with a 6×7 camera, and always expects the pictures to be perfect at the first raw. “Photography is a mystery. And every mystery should remain unveiled.

Magnifying imagination beyond imagination there is dedication to the often-elaborate projects that are staged as a live theatrical performance. The surrealistic feel of his work represents the liberation of the unconscious, as a means to create art outside the boundaries of official culture, the rejection of established values and a concrete effort to illustrate extreme mental states, unconventional ideas, or elaborate fantasy worlds, all elements typical of ‘Outside Art’. There is also an enchanting, yet dark side, to his work, an intriguing depth that appears to be destined to highlight the drama of life and capture the sincerity of the journey, the scenes of intimacy that confront human vulnerability, challenging our own fragility.

Brothel Series

Philosophy in the boudoir




Sanges creates photographs in sequence. Every sequence tells a unique, multi-layered story, creating a highly personal, imaginary cinema. Bigger than life characters and stories lavish costume and the core, reminiscent of Surrealism and especially the Visual and Performing Arts of the ‘20s and ‘30s he sets the scene, as a scene in a film unfolds a story.