Routes & Culture – Tyrone Deans

July 2017
About This Project
Routes & Culture  | Tyrone Deans | 19TH – 29TH JULY 2017

Curated by Mara Alves

Presenting recent works from his England and Jamaica studios, which sees the self taught artist explore personal experiences and journeys through his unusual and rich use of materials and paint.

The often regional themes in Tyrone Deans’ works have in common the artist’s fascination with the relationship between people, places and cultures. Like work by Anselm Kiefer, Gerhard Richter and Rashid Johnson, Tyrone Deans’ paintings can be recognised by his vehement painterly technique and unusual pallet; natural materials mixed with thick textured paints, sand, oils and butters, overworked with charcoal, chalk, oil-bar and other mediums. With its emphasis on layer rich canvasses which provide a setting for paint and natural elements to come together, his paintings can be seen as a kind of urban abstract expressionism, deeply rooted in his responses towards growing up in Jamaican family in London.