IT’S ART CALL 2017 – Group Exhibition

July 2017
About This Project

D Contemporary and The Cult House  are very happy to announce the return of It’s Art Call – 2017

Curated by Mara Alves



Its Art is an open call/competition where a group of selected artists will have the opportunity to showcase their artworks at D Contemporary Gallery – Mayfair W1. And and one winning artist will have their own solo show

The Artists

Aphra Shemza, Antonio De Pasquale, Ashkan Sadeghi, Bella Vernon , Billy Fraser (William Fraser) , Heather Meyerratken, Ian Butcher, Michael Wallner, Rebecca Stevenson, Stephen Calcutt , Thomas Dowdeswell


The Organisers

The Cult House It is a creative group connecting people in various creative disciplines (arts, craft, design, writing, music and performance) with commercial and social events. The Cult House started its collective on Facebook, Instagram Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and LinkedIn, which presents daily tips on several art topics and use all them to help on the promotion and network to get more visibility for our artists.  The aim of the collective is to boost visibility online as much as possible for both parts, for the company and more importantly for the artists within the online gallery, maximising all our connections and advertising the artists’ profiles as well as important events.

Selected Works

(N.B. For all works please view Brochure)


Antonio De Pasquale,

Modern Yin YangAcrylic Cartridge on paper 220 gsm 59×84 cm

Aphra Shemza

The Black Square

Mixed Media

98 x 98 x 13cm

Ashkan Sedeghi

Self-Distortion 01

SLS-3D Print + Wooden Plinth 17x19x25cm

Bella Vernon

Canopy of Light

Mirror & candle smoke

83.5 x 83.5 x 2.5 cm

Billy Fraser

Cry Havoc! I

Oil & spray paint on stretched canvas

115 x 80 cm

Heather Meyerratken

Bonnet Babe

Screen print on steel mesh Brass Frame
Variable Edition of 5
58 x 58 x 9 cm

Ian Butcher


3D collage 43x30x6cm

Michael Wallner

Oxford Circus From Above

Brushed aluminum

91 x 61cm
Edition of 25

Stephen Calcutt

Bus stop 70

Printed on dibond

Edition of 10

100cm x 100cm

Thomas Dowdeswel

Sorrow and Loss

from The American Series
Oil on canvas, in white box frame

95 x 65 x 4cm

Invited Artist – Kirsten Baskett

Just Do It

3D pen drawing cast in resin 13x 20x15cm

Sara Pope


Oil on gesso covered wood panel, 24ct gold leaf with leopard
print relief background
100cm x 100cm

Rod Mctintosh

Between Breaths

Ink on Chinese mulberry paper mounted on stretched Fabriano cartridge (120gsm), charcoal dust, 23 carat gold leaf
205 x 105 x 6cm