Inspiring Generations

Arthur Laidlaw

Charlie Langton

Harry Parker

Pete Hawkins

Inspiring Generations- Art at Radley

‘Past and Present’

In aid of the The Armed Forces Fund

Curated by Mara Alves

8th – 20th December

Established Old Radleian artists exhibited alongside works from all the 2016/17 Shells (1st year students)  at Radley College.

The first year pupils (Shells) have explored photo montage and collage making techniques. After a presentation looking in detail at the art work of British Pop artist Peter Blake, each boy set about constructing a multi layered print which has combined many facets of visual imagery in some cases with hidden narrative themes. The end result in this exhibition reflects diversity and beauty and in some instances has clear art historical links. We do hope you enjoy the work on show.

The Armed Forces Fund

The fund was set up following the loss in Afghanistan of two Old Radleians, Lieutenant Colonel Rupert Thorneloe MBE and Lieutenant Dougie Dalzell MC and following other ORs being wounded – notably Captain Harry Parker (an exhibiting artist) who was severely injured by an IED while serving in Helmand Province.  Working in partnership with Downe House and St Mary’s Calne the AFF helps fund the education of sons and daughters of Service men and women of all ranks killed or wounded while serving their country. Harry Parker’s debut novel “Anatomy of a Soldier”

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