Lithuanian Art – Destination London

Selected artists

Almyra Weigel, Andrius Miezis,Dainius Dirgela, Dainius Trumpis,Indra Marcinkeviciene,Jurate Rekeviciute, Kristina Sereikaite, Monika Dirsyte,Viktorija Stapone, ,


Project founders

Valius Naureckas and Vida Naureckaite


Curated by

Mara Alves and Barry Martin


Jury Members

Dr Virginija Vitkiene, Art critic

Donatas Juskus, Art collector and gallerist

Egidijus Rudinskas, Artist

D Contemporary is very happy to present

Lithuanian Art – Destination London

Supported by Lewben Art Foundation and Strategy International

15 – 24 March

11 – 18:00

Daily live performances by Monika Dirsyte

16th March – 4pm – 6pm

17th March – 3pm – 6pm

18th March- 3pm – 6pm 22nd March

4pm – 6pm 23rd March – 3.30pm – 6pm

24th March – 3pm – 6pm


 D Contemporary has paired up with Art Project Lithuania Now to present a special Collective Exhibition of 10 talented Lithuanian artists.  This showcase of works, curated by Barry Martin and Mara Alves, demonstrates the variety of art from a country not often given a platform in London

A word from the curators:

Mara Alves: ‘This will be not only a great opportunity for the artists to show their works but also to the viewers that will have the chance to see on site the potential that so well conveys the development of Lithuania culture to the present-day. I commend Valius Naureckas and Vida Naureckaite for this fantastic project. ‘

Barry Martin: ‘ It is always of great interest to see contemporary works of professional artists from abroad. However, we often see art works in London from the USA , South America and from countries in the European Union who are close to the British Isles. and this is where this exhibition is different, as it brings 10 contemporary artists from a country that is not often given a platform in London and showcases the wide variety of art it has to offer . I look forward with great expectation to this exhibition.’


The Lewben Art Foundation is administrating a representative collection of Lithuanian and international art from the end of the 18th century to the present day. In addition to paintings, which predominate in the collection, there are large amounts of sculptures, photographs, graphic works, video works and installations. The Lewben Art Foundation organises exhibitions and publishes books on art, in collaboration with art researchers, curators, artists, and cultural and art organisations.