Dramatic Flesh – Rodolfo Villaplana and Tamara Kvesitadze

Dramatic Flesh Brochure

D Contemporary is very happy to present a group exhibition with Sculpturist Tamara Kvesitadze and Figurative Artist Rodolfo Villaplana. Represented by GALERIE KORNFELD


13th – 29 October
11 – 18:00

“Dramatic Flesh”

Featuring the work of Rodolfo Villaplana and Tamara Kvesitadze. It will be the first time that these world-renowned artists exhibit together and mark Kvesitadze’s first exhibition in London in seven years.

As Dramatic Flesh curator Thierry Morel (Francis Bacon and the Masters, Hermitage Museum and Sainsbury Foundation) points out the play between the two artists: “In his work Villaplana deploys with his brush a wide-ranging symphony of hues and colours with uncompromising courage verging on brutality, in order to portray “the inner being” that he perceives in his sitter’s body and gaze. The rough and earthy texture of his oil paint seeks to defy the limitations imposed by the two-dimensional image and it is no coincidence that he sought to confront his latest work with Tamara Kvesitadze’s new sculptural groups of dislocated human figures. The painter rejoins the sculptor in this mysterious artistic process of construction and de-construction, adjunction, falsification even, that challenges the viewers’ senses and leaves them with a mixture of awe and raw emotions. The palpitating flesh reinterpreted by both artists is imbued with drama, in its purest and most archaic form, as if to lead one to a purifying catharsis.” (Thierry Morel, Dramatic Flesh, fragment.)