David Millidge

Rene Dark – Multi piece slip-cast earthenware on oak base. Coloured slip & clear glaze.

D Contemporary is very happy to present

David Millidge

4th – 17th October

11am – 6pm

Private View – 3rd October 6.30 – 9pm

RSVP – sok@strategyinternational.co.uk

David’s work explores how simple forms can be used as building blocks to create complex structures. Multiple architectural shapes, combined with organic elements, evolve into flowing sculptures. David likes to use the unpredictability of ceramic glazes to produce unique surfaces which add texture to his semi-abstract creations.

After studying sculpture at St Martin’s School of Art, London, from 1969 (the year of ‘The Locked Room’) to 1972, David concentrated on raising a family and building a footwear import business. Although marketing gave him the opportunity to use his creativity, he had to wait until retirement, before devoting himself to fine art.

Selection of works on display

RedMatrix II