Rodolfo Villaplana


Sunflowers, 122 x 152cm, Oil on canvas, 2016


FAD Magazine – whose flower paintings are so fleshy you want to reach out and grab them – Tabish Khan 

MOMA Tbilisi his works captures an outlook on humanity with a seriousness and sobriety that belies his personality

MOCA London – he frees himself to attempt even more difficult works

Candid Magazine – He has to internalise the energy of the sitter, feel their pain, their struggles, their hopes and dreams, and translate it all on to canvas.

D Contemporary is very happy to present

Rodolfo Villaplana

Exhibition Dates: 18th January – 10th March (NEW EXTENDED DATE)

Rodolfo’s exhibition will feature previous floral and figurative as well as new works. Exhibiting alongside him will be works from previous artists – Marco Sanges and Duarte Vitoria.


Rodolfo Villaplana is a figurative portrait artist, . Endorsed by the Young Masters 2013 panel, he has also been shown at various art fairs including the London Art Fair and PINTA International Art Fair. In 2015 he participated in the Art Venice Biennale3. Most recently he has had a solo show in MoMa Tbilisi. Last summer he was chosen to represent UK in the Iranian Biennale of Art and to participate in the quadrennial of Rome in October 2016 with his show 8 and 1/2. He lives in London.


“In his work Villaplana deploys with his brush a wide-ranging symphony of hues and colours with uncompromising courage verging on brutality, in order to portray “the inner being” that he perceives in his sitter’s body and gaze” – Thierry Morel

“Whose flower paintings are so fleshy you want to reach out and grab them” – Tabish Khan, Art Critic