David Agenjo and Chibuike Uzoma

Chibuike Uzoma – Desire Series

David Agenjo – Work in progress

D Contemporary is very happy to present

David Agenjo and Chibuike Uzoma

Co-Curated by Inês Valle – founder of The Cera Project and Mara Alves Curator at D Contemporary.

21 June – 1 July

11 – 18:00

Private View | 20 June 18:30 – 21:00

RSVP – sok@strategyinternational.co.uk

Chibuike Uzoma – a social commentator, developing an active multidisciplinary practice with photography, painting, text and drawing. Although his artistic interest diverges through places and times he is always drawn by life and the reciprocals between humans and the human condition. His works engage contemporary African politics, thought, colonialism, dictatorship, immigration, as well as themes related to urbanization, unemployment, religious and ethnic conflicts. He is contributing with his own stories to the global circle history where he adopts a conceptual process, analyzing a situation within a closed (g)locality, then he draws, paints and stage photographic performance images to unveil his findings. Uzoma was born in Port Harcourt, he holds a BA degree in Painting from the University of Benin (2013). Currently, he lives and works in Nigeria

David Agenjo – a self-taught Spanish artist based in North London.

His new collection of portraits and life studies are inspired by his latest artistic residencies in the densely populated cities of Shenzhen and Mumbai.

Themes of the everyday are emphasised; giving a greater status to subjects that would perhaps otherwise go unnoticed. Visual narratives of quantity and repetition symptomatic of endless manufacturing and human labour are depicted throughout the collection. His works explore the revealing and concealed aspects of modern life via textiles, patterns and waste.

His brush builds psychedelic inflections- worn-out objects retain a glowing grace; through these surreal tones we learn a sense of value and respect, offering a glimpse into the livelihoods and domestic rituals of those who live within the metropolises. Humbled essentials are depicted in a patchwork of clothes and shelter.  Neon strokes flourish beneath the reality of his figurative style, illuminating richness and generosity, capturing a collage of human emotion.

The mundane becomes the spectacle.